Animal Travel Services will ensure that your pet has access to veterinary attention, should this be required while your animals are in our care. For pets travelling outside of the country, veterinary preparation is required to ensure that all relevant vaccinations, checks and certificates are organised.


Depending on whether your pet is travelling abroad, or making a shorter trip across country, certain requirements may be needed. Microchipping, rabies shots and up to date vet certificates are almost always needed for international pet travel. As every country has its own specifications and guidelines on vet certification for travelling animals, it is best to speak to a specialist within the animal transport field. Whilst vets are skilled at treating animals and caring for their well-being, they may not have a broader understanding of all the international animal transport requirements, and as such, may not always be able to give the best advice when it comes to preparing your animal for travel. Ideally, it is best to start preparations as soon after your travel plans have been made as possible to ensure that you have sufficient time to arrange health certificates. Speak to your Animal Travel consultant if you need to make any special arrangements, or let us know if your pet has any pre-existing condition that we need to be aware of during boarding or transit.

Partnering with trusted vets, we ensure that your cat, dog or domestic pet has all the care needed while under our supervision. Whether your beloved pooch or feline is sick, or simply requires a routine shot before travelling, we work with veterinary specialists who will give your animal the care they need and put them at ease. Should you need additional advice or assistance on arranging vaccinations, microchips or other veterinary documents, simply contact us to let us know how we can help.