While your pet is in transit, he or she will need a safe, comfortable temporary home in the form of an animal transit container or carrier. To help keep your cat or dog cosy in their temporary travel home during transit, we offer a specialised service that gives you peace of mind throughout your pet’s travels.


Some important guidelines to keep in mind when considering a container for your pet’s travels include the following:

  • Animal Travel Services manufactures our own superior IATA approved wooden travel boxes.
  • We can supply IATA approved plastic kennels as well.
  • Your pets’ travel kennel must always meet the IATA standards.
  • It is important to choose the correct size travel kennel for your beloved pet. The box cannot be too small or too large.
  • We recommend that you measure your pet so we can select the right size travel container. Please follow the guidelines below in order to provide us with your pets’ correct measurements.
  • If you are purchasing your own travel kennel, please remember to allow room for a blanket and a water bowl.


Use the following dimensions when determining the ideal size pet carrier or container for transportation of cats and dogs:

a – length from nose to root of tail
b – height from the ground to shoulders
c – height in standing position with head erect
d – width across the shoulder blades
e – weight

By taking the time to measure correctly, you can be sure that your pet will travel in comfort at all times. Got any questions about sourcing animal travel boxes? Contact us today and let us know how we can assist.