Animal Travel Services offers an elite service to clients who wish for their animals to be relocated and transferred in a safe and calm environment via our pet lounge. You can deliver your pet to this world-class, proudly South African facility at the airport and we will arrange for the transportation to the receiving airport. Your pet will then be collected and transferred to a dedicated pet holding area or lounge, where you can collect them and continue on your travels.


  1. Your pet must travel in a suitable container, with enough space for the pet to turn around normally while standing, to sit and to lie in a natural position.
  1. Ensure that your pet’s vet papers and certificates are in order, including permits and any vaccinations that may apply.
  1. Under the following circumstances, pets may not be permitted if…
  • Your cat or dog is pregnant and over six weeks into gestation. You will need a vet certificate to confirm that there is no chance of birth occurring on the flight, as there are no vets on the plane.
  • Your pet is nursing puppies or kittens that are still suckling. Very small babies cannot fly safely and nursing mothers may also be at risk.
  • Puppies and kittens younger than eight to ten weeks may not be admitted into pet lounge as they are still very young to travel.

All staff members at our lounges for pets are fully trained and experienced. From the moment your pet arrives, they will be looked after and made comfortable in an area that is quiet, calm and away from the often stressful cargo area of a busy airport. Water will be provided along with bathroom facilities, to further enhance your pet’s comfort.