Preparing your cat or dog for travels is stressful enough, but when pets need to go straight to a boarding kennel from the pet lounge, it is essential for owners to do everything to prepare the animal for the transfer and kennel stay. Dogs and cats can both find the experience traumatic. We do whatever we can to minimise stress, by using special air-conditioned transfer shuttles, pet holding areas and reputable kennels. Some tips that may help your pet prepare better include the following:

  • If possible, avoid making any changes to your pet’s diet before you leave for your travels. Changes in diet combined with the stress of travel can lead to extra distress, and possibly upset tummies. Keep diet and routine as unvaried as possible so that you and your pet both stay calm in the build up to your trip.
  • Make sure that your pet’s vet records are up to date, and that any medication they have been prescribed has been refilled with enough in stock for the duration of their stay. Most kennels will only accept animals that have had rabies shots, but flea and worm treatments are also essential to ensure that your pet is fully healthy.
  • If your dog is not used to being left alone, start preparing them as early as possible by starting with shorter absences of 15 minutes and building up to longer absences of four hours.
  • For cats, try not to do any packing in front of your feline. Changes in routine may not seem to affect them as much as it affects dogs, but that does not mean they do not get stressed at the thought of being left alone or taken to an unfamiliar place. Staying calm yourself will also keep both dogs and cats calm.
  • Packing familiar items such as a favourite blanket, bed or toy will help your pet feel comforted at our pet lounge and at the kennel once they arrive for their boarding. Be sure to label your pet’s items from home to avoid anything being lost.

If you’re looking for a superior home away from home for your feline, our world-class Montecatsino Cattery is sure to provide both you and your cat with peace of mind.