From our headquarters in Cape Town, Animal Travel Services offers an around the world service that includes pet export from South Africa to destinations all over the globe.

The relocation of your family pet can be stressful, demanding and complex, requiring careful planning. Animal Travel Services is a professional animal transport company with over 30 years’ experience, and you can rest assured that we will address any worries or concerns you may have while ensuring that your pet experiences a stress-free and smooth relocation.

Many years of experience enable us to transport pets from South Africa to anywhere in the world. We stay constantly informed and updated about the latest changes in the rules and regulations of each and every country, giving you peace of mind at all times when exporting your pet into the country.


We offer a complete pet exportation service that is expertly planned according to the International Air Transport Association Live Animals Regulations. Each shipment is treated and handled on an individual and personal basis. Our dedicated and competent team guarantees the highest standard of professionalism and knowledge of the necessary documents, veterinary tests, treatments, endorsements and permits needed to get your pet to its new home safely, simply and efficiently with minimal stress.

With a worldwide network, we are able to provide arrival clearances at airports. We can also arrange safe delivery for your pets to their new home in our comfortable, air-conditioned pet shuttles.

Our dedicated pet lounge is a comfortable facility that enables animals to rest and have a comfort stop (potty break and fresh water) prior to being checked in for their journey.

Not sure what to expect from pet export from SA? Contact us today and we will answer your questions about relocating pets from South Africa to any destination world-wide.