Choosing the best boarding facility while you are away can be challenging. The thought of leaving a beloved pet in a strange, unfamiliar place can be daunting for many pet owners. If possible, try to visit the boarding kennel to see it in person. If this is not possible, it can be just as useful to do some research online to check reviews and photographs. Some things to consider when making your selection include the following:

  • Multiple play and relaxation areas that give pets a chance for indoor and outdoor time are essential. Outdoor areas should be secure, providing fresh air without the risk of any escape routes that may be discovered by determined animals. Cats love watching birds, and having a safe, sunny spot outdoors to enjoy this activity will go a long way in making your cat feel at home.
  • Suites should be well-ventilated and spaced to allow a good flow of air between each suite. This will ensure that no air-borne diseases can be spread, but will also help to give your cat space without feeling crowded or uncomfortable. In each suite, there should be enough space so that food and water dishes are not situated too close to litter trays.
  • Pay attention to the other animals at the facility, whether you are viewing photographs or visiting the establishment in person. Do they look happy and content? Are they getting enough stimulation in the form of play and interaction?
  • Speak to the cattery/kennel staff to find out how they take care of the animals in their supervision. If your dog/cat has special needs, check that these will be accommodated. Find out how well cattery staff interacts with the cats as well.
  • Most boarding facilities require boarding animals to be vaccinated, which means that you should be asked to present a vaccination card with proof of vaccinations in the last 12 months. This is extremely important, as it ensures that your pet/s has no risk of exposure to potentially deadly diseases from fellow boarders.

To find out more about booking your feline in at our luxury facility in Cape Town, simply contact us today and we will provide all the information you need.

Animals Travel Services makes use of the following boarding facilities:

Montecatsino Cattery is a five-star feline hotel that is owned and managed by Animal Travel Services. Situated on a small farm in the northern suburbs, this Cape Town cattery is just 20 minutes from the airport. With everything your cat could ever need, from daily grooming and cuddling to cat suites that are cleaned twice per day, top quality cat food, special meaty sachet treats and a garden area that is ideal for bird watching, play and fresh air, Montecatsino is a haven for cats. Kennel and Cattery staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with veterinary specialists on call in case of emergencies.

For boarding of our clients dogs prior or post travel, Animal Travel Services makes use of SunShine Pet Resort is a premium pet boarding establishment. Set on a spacious 6ha property in Paarl, this pet resort offers a range of facilities, including large outdoor areas, extra walks, individual play sessions and high quality pet supplies.