Ideal for pets needing transport to and from airports or other destinations, our pet chauffeur services give your pet the luxury of a fully air-conditioned, animal-friendly vehicle and a personal chauffeur. Our vehicles are fitted with crates and safety clips, with ramps and stretchers also on hand for pets with special needs. All of our drivers are experienced, friendly and skilled at what they do, helping to reduce the stress of travel as much as possible.


While some owners are able to transport their pets to airports, kennels or new homes, others do not have the ability to do so. Our pet taxi service is designed to make things easier for owners and their pets, by providing a safe, secure mode of transport that is suitable for cats, dogs and other animals.

As a full service animal travel solution, we make it easier than ever to help your pet travel to any destination in the world. Whether you are importing a pet into South Africa, leaving SA to relocate with your beloved cat or dog, needing to take your pet to a trusted cattery or kennel, looking for a safe transport option to get your pet to or from boarding or even needing a pet shuttle for a vet emergency, we are here to help get your pet there safely, simply and efficiently.

On longer trips, comfort stops are included to ensure that your pet stays hydrated and clean. Our travel crates are comfortable and spacious, while our vehicles are climate controlled to avoid over-heating.

To learn more about booking a pet chauffeur in Cape Town, contact us today and let us know how we can assist.